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Nov 14 2014: Weekly Update [1]

Hi Lurker – the first weekly update!

Here are links to the contents read this week. Since this is the first week of me writing this, it does not include everything, but enough so I can write about my thoughts. Happy Reading!

Alice Tale Act. 1 Ch. 18
OSO Vol. 3 Ch. 6 Vol.3 Ch. Ep
Daybreak Vol. 1 (all)
Tate no Yuusha Ch. 146 Ch. 147 Ch. 148 Ch. 149 Ch. 150 Ch. 151
Overlord Vol. 2 Ch. 1p1

Unfortunately, there are no spoiler tag options default while using wordpress.com. For now I will try using ‘more’ tags, but if you have any ideas on how to add spoiler boxes or drop-down text boxes let me know.

This week, a marathon of works published on Krytykal: Alice Tale, Only Sense Online (OSO), and Daybreak. I actually started reading all 3 of these this week, OSO being my favorite. The common theme of genderbender was present in all 3 novels as well, where most characters felt very effeminate (even when denying it). In particular, I tend to favor OSO a lot since the main character plays the game ‘casually’. But if it weren’t for the MMO game theme, I could easily see the story being a slice of life-genre and still enjoy its content. Daybreak strongly resembles Zero no Tsukaima, I’m not sure what to think but I don’t think anything new was really introduced within the story. Alice Tale is hard for me to describe. The main character gets turned into a girl and lives in a game world, but (s)he doesn’t feel worried about it and accepts life almost immediately. I might have missed it somewhere, but I don’t think that the main character has any particular end goal that (s)he’s driving towards. Well despite saying all this, I still enjoyed reading Alice Tale and Daybreak. I believe there are several chapters of Daybreak volume 2 released but I’ll hold those off until later.

My daily readings of Tate no Yuusha has also continued, where he continues to expand his village. He gets a new mole slave for dexterous tasks and deals with a monster modifying lady who has a crazed view in life as long as it benefits her. Nothing really memorable happened, maybe this is an intermittent peace time before the next arc of the story.

Overlord story continues into the new volume, where the main character has begun exploring the new world he now resides in as an adventurer. In the picture, Nabel (the battle maid) actually looks quite cute, but looks very different from her standard battle maid form. Another interesting fact is that she also has 30 unallocated job levels in ‘other’. Maybe thats 30 levels of cooking, cleaning, and other maid-duties. I look forward to the continuation of the chapter!

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  1. Can you disable the comments your tracker leaves when it records an update? Moving them to Spam does not take much of an effort, but it’s kinda annoying…

    Also, congratulations to your blog~~


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